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Could Mary Poppins Have Been Wrong All Along?

Could Mary Poppins have been wrong all along? British nursery brand founder challenges US report* claiming medicine spoons are harmful

For those of us who grew up with Mary Poppins, the notion of a ‘spoonful of sugar’ has probably stayed with us during from childhood right up to being parents in our own right.  A research study reported in today’s Mail Online however claims that spoons won’t ‘help the medicine go down’ and are, in fact, dangerous.

Glamorous mother of three and entrepreneurial founder of the award-winning British nursery brand, Spilly Spoon, Philippa Le Boutillier, challenges these findings that claim the risk of dosage mistakes is increased by 50 per cent when using a spoon.  Phillipa says:-

“I am actually shocked by today’s report.  I created the Spilly Spoon brand, a safe Class 1 Medical Device, back in 2012.  Not out of thin air but as a frustrated mother concerned for the welfare of her children.  The Spilly Spoon is the UK’s leading 10ml (max) medicine spoon that doesn’t spill.  Our customers and suppliers the world over are safe in the knowledge that there is only risk if created by the user (ie double dosage etc).

“The US report recommends using an oral syringe or dropper to administer medicine as a viable alternative.  Surely, a wrong dosage is also possible when given to a child in this way – through fear of the look of the syringe or surplus drips.  Not ideal for flooring and carpets as well.

Philippa added:-

“I don’t actually understand how this report adds value to the parenting world.  Particularly when we are discussing the most sensitive of topics – a child’s health.  Our customers the world over are safe and happy with their Spilly Spoons.  Many NHS prescriptions no longer come with a spoon so having a Spilly Spoon on hand is always the best case scenario.  And parents are safe in the knowledge that a precise 10ml dose can be given to a child.  End of.  No fuss and no spillage.  I do hope that this report doesn’t scare parents unnecessarily.  If in doubt please always consult a medical professional”.

The multi-award winning Spilly Spoon brand is available to buy via major on and offline retailers including Amazon, Tesco, John Lewis, Babies R Us and NCT, amongst others.  The Spilly Spoon was designed by one enterprising mum.  For lots of other mums in need.  RRP is £4.99.  For more information please visit



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