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We’ve been delighted to get such great feedback on our Spilly Spoons and Ouch Pouches.  If you’ve had a great experience as a parent, grandparent, friend or someone with an ‘ouchie’ or allergy, please get in touch!

“Absolutely love the Spilly Spoon!  It’s fantastic!”  

Blog founder, Laura Warner of Mummy’s Zone

I always used to have a battle when my little boy needed medicine but since I received my Spilly Spoon he runs to me to take his medicine. I let him have the spoon for a while to get used to it and since then it's been easy to get him to take meds :) THANKYOU!!


It has meant no more spillages when trying to give my son and daughter their vitamins and medicine! :-) Also, my two year old can administer it to himself without me worrying about him spilling it everywhere. Finally, I can put it down and the liquid stays on the spoon!


My husband and I both agreed that it was a fantastic, inspirational invention!!! If you have any more please be sure to let us know!!! I’m all for making my families lives easier. Good luck with the Spilly Spoon.

Grandmother of 5 Granddaughters

Wonderful product a must have for all those in the childcare profession!

I bought the spoon yesterday at Baby show - London. Just used it with my 7 month old. FANTASTIC!! Well done guys for a great product, will be recommending to all mums and dads xx

I got one of your spoons at the show on Sunday and have used it last night and today and its amazing we have had no medicine spillage and she can do it herself.

The Spilly Spoon was a real lifesaver today my LO (2) didnt wanted to take his medicine (tablet diluted in water) for croup so we put it in his Spilly Spoon and he had happily all of the liquid holding it himself like a big boy! thank you i cant rate it enough!!!! Xx

You have transformed my life!!! Met you at the baby show after having spilt a gallon of calpol over the floor and my husband the night before, and was finally able to put your spoon to the test last night! Not only did I not spill a drop, but I was able to do everything one handed, in the dark, with no glasses on!! A-MAZING!!! Thank yooooouuu!!!!!

Hello *waves* I brought a spilly spoon at the baby show, I had to use it yesterday with my 4 year old. WOW! What a fab product! No mess and no fuss due to my son being too interested in the design to make any sort of fuss over taking the calpol!