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We’ve been delighted to get such great feedback on our Spilly Spoons and Ouch Pouches.  If you’ve had a great experience as a parent, grandparent, friend or someone with an ‘ouchie’ or allergy, please get in touch!

Just had to say what an incredible invention my son is really poorly with a cold at the moment and this had served us so well no more late night Calpol showers and more importantly no fussing! Thank you so so so much for this

i love the spoon . got it today and for the first time in 3 years i didnt get covered in my sons medicine when trying to get it down him. thank u

Put into action immediately and 100% success. Would highly recommend. A must-have for mums. We're very chuffed!

Thank u so much. I live in Qld Australia & my mother sent me one of your awesome spoons from the UK. My son is a very cheeky lil monkey to medicate & it was a total battle, he is teething again (11mths old) but no battle easy peasy thanks 2 u. I cant believe the difference in him he would scream n jerk around like i was trying to hurt him. Now he likes to help take the spoon 2 his mouth. I have told all my friends. Thank u for making my job as a mum that bit easier.

Excellent product my daughter didn't like taking medicine from a syringe but this is great as i can just tip the spoon and pour small amounts out at a time for her to take!

I cannot believe this product exists! My sprog loves it! No problems taking medicines now. I frequently have to fill it with water because she LOVES using it! Works just like it should.

The spilly spoon couldn’t have arrived at a better moment for me. Edward had been into hospital with an infection and been given antibiotics (or using his terminology yucky medicine) and needed to take it 4 TIMES A DAY! Ladies to be honest with you I had bribed, cajoled and pleaded my way into a flat out refusal to take his medicine. That’s when the spilly spoon arrived; Edward opened it and loved it at once. He LOVED the fact he could hold it and be in control of taking his medicine and be a ‘big boy’. The design meant he could hold it easily without it spilling. A fab product that now will be a permanent feature in our house.

We love Spilly Spoon! My baby son struggled and wriggled away from the normal medicine spoon which resulted with more medicine down his clothes and over me. When he was very tiny we could  get prepared and lay the Spilly spoon on the side with the medicine already safely measured and this made the whole process so much easier, no spills, no mess!

Now  he is  14 months old has already got to grips with holding Spilly Spoon himself  and will now put the spoon in his own mouth to take his medicine.

He loves the Spoon and it has doubled up as a teether and a bath toy as well!

My older son, like most 4 year olds wants to do everything himself so once we have poured in the correct measure of medicine he can use the spoon completely independently like a big boy. This is a brilliant invention and every mummy needs one!

Alison Donaldson, mother of 2

The Spilly Spoon has made administering medicine so much easier, cleaner and precise. There is no mess afterwards on the baby, on mummy or on the kitchen surface!

Lisa, mother of 3

I have three children who all use Spilly Spoon with ease. My twin boys, Harry and James were born ten weeks premature; although they are now thriving 11 month olds, vitamin supplements are something they have to take daily.

The Spilly Spoon has become invaluable to us, due to the ease of which it measures, the fact that it really does not spill, and it is a fun way to give a medicine or supplement. The twins enjoy playing with Spilly Spoon, so when it is used they are not anxious and will happily drink it's contents. My 5 year old daughter is more than willing to take any medication using Spilly Spoon, and it's fun design always manages to make her smile even if she is feeling unwell.

It is especially useful for pouring medicine during the night time. The Spilly Spoon is a must have item for any family.

Kelly Summers mum to Amelie (age 5) and Harry and James (11 month twins)