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How The Spilly Spoon Was Created


The Spilly Spoon was created by Philippa in 2011.

As a mother of 3 she was frustrated with the challenge of getting her children to take their medicine when sick.

Either she’d endlessly chase them round the kitchen with a shallow spoon, spilling it everywhere, or she’d find herself trying to administer the medicine in the middle of the night and having to strip the child after they had been covered in sticky medicinal goo or waking up the next morning to pink stains on the flooring.

So Philippa decided to invent her own Non Spill Medicine Spoon. The Spilly Spoon.

The Spilly Spoon is A Non Spill Medicine Spoon with a character theme that is both appealing and child friendly whilst being practical for the parent.

The materials used in the Spilly spoon are medical grade and contain no BPAs or Phthalates and are suitable for the dishwasher and steriliser. As a parent Philippa knows how important this is.

The end of pink goo on the carpet!

In 2013, Philippa had another great idea for a product – the Ouch Pouch.

She had always carried a plastic bag with calpol, plasters, wipes etc in her handbag and when she needed to carry antibiotics around she had to cart the bottle in a special thermal bag.  She wanted to find something that she could use on a daily basis for everyday medical essentials and antibiotics, if required.

In addition, her son was also diagnosed with a nut allergy and from that day forward she had to carry an epi pen / piriton etc and finding a suitable bag that could fit all these items and more was an impossible task.


Made in Britain


Philippa made the decision to have Spilly Spoon manufactured in Britain.

She felt the quality of the British manufacturing is one of the best in the World and as a Class 1 Medical Device it was very important to her to have it made to the highest standard.